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Ken Emerson

Senior Pastor

Ken Emerson graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology Degree.
After serving as the Associate Pastor for 25 years at Cedar Creek Bible Church, Ken became the Senior Pastor on January 1, 2021, as former Senior Pastor Bob Parry transitions to retirement.  Ken preaches every Sunday in the Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. in the auditorium.  Those sermons can be heard here on the church website.
On May 12, 2018, Ken ended 56 years of bachelorhood and married Katrina and became the stepfather to three wonderful kids:  Aden, Asa, and Ava.

To reach Pastor Ken, please email him at or call the church office: 903-432-2175.

Robert Parry

Pastor of Pastoral Care

“The ministry of preaching and teaching is the primary theme of my life. Making a difference by making disciples (the mission statement of our church) is tied to nothing except the product and result of being saturated with the Word of God.”
Bob Parry was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts to Ralph & Kay Parry in May, 1961. Bob’s parents exemplified a model of obedience to God’s word and submission and faithfulness to His will. After the passing of Bob’s mother, his family moved from New England to the Midwest where during his high school years, he was challenged to consider full-time ministry by his Youth Pastor. Over time he received validation of God’s call through the exercising of his God-given gifts, talents and abilities.
Bob pursued that call by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN and a Master of Theology degree with a major in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary.  During his time in Dallas, it was his privilege to sit under the teaching of Dr. Neil Ashcraft at Scofield Memorial Church who modeled the servant pastoral approach to ministry.
In 1983, between college and seminary, Bob married Shari and together they have emulated and pursued the joy of building relationships and teaching the Word into the lives of young and old alike. They have been blessed with four children David, Katherine, and twins Andrew and Joseph. Hanging out with his family at home is one of his greatest joys. When asked what role they play in the ministry he responds, “They are active in the community [school] and while not perfect, exemplify a testimony of a real and growing relationship with Jesus.”
Now serving in his 31st year at Cedar Creek Bible Church, Bob realizes an ongoing thrill of seeing God’s grace played out in the individual lives of his congregation. “It’s like sitting on the 50-yard line watching God’s grace played out over and over again.” Bob uses a verse by verse method of teaching and preaching recognizing that the Text ultimately reveals who God is.
Forever a kid at heart, you’ll find a preschool playground in his office as he welcomes in the younger generation believing it is a vital part of his ministry to the next generation who will be carrying the gospel forward. Bob has an open door policy to anyone and everyone – no appointment necessary to see him. Building and nurturing relationships is a mark of his servant pastor method of ministering to people.
For an extended Q&A with Pastor Bob, please click here.
If you would like to reach Pastor Bob, please email him at or call the church office: 903-432-2175.

Tyler  Larson

Associate Pastor

Tyler Larson graduated from Frontier School of the Bible with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree.
He has been married to his wife, Misty, since 2002 and they have six children: Elise, Ethan, Evan, Ember, Laina, and Ada.
He served as pastor of Bethany Church of Lincoln County Kansas for nine years when God made it possible for them to move to Texas so he could pursue his seminary degree.

If you would like to contact Pastor Tyler, email him at

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