Interview With Bob Parry
Pastor Q&A

Q: How did you get to Cedar Creek Bible Church?
A: I received a phone call from a guy who had been contacted by the church to fill the pulpit. A Seminary Professor had given him my name. Anyway, he asked if I would like to speak. I said sure. A couple of days later I received a call from the church that a mistake had been made regarding the pulpit fill, but through that mistake I was able to speak during the month of November, 1990 and was in different homes each weekend getting to know the 17 people that then made up Cedar Creek Bible Church. In January 1991, they extended a call and the rest is history!
Q: What does discipleship look like in your ministry?

A: It’s an ongoing process which is ever changing in the lives of my congregation. It’s not about arriving but clearly there are things consistent with becoming mature. Forever being molded even while being nurtured. It consists of Bible Study, service, fellowship, outreach but we have no magic recipe.
Q: Apart from the Scripture, what authors most inspire you?

A: John Piper, John Stott and Philip Yancey
Q: Do you have any favorite quotes?
A: Dr. Norman Geisler said, “The Bible wasn’t written to reveal God, but to evoke a response to the God it reveals.”
John Piper said in his book Desiring God, “All the evils in the world come not because our desires for happiness are too strong, but because they are so weak that we settle for fleeting pleasures that do not satisfy our deepest souls, but in the end destroy them. The root of all evil is that we are the kind of people who settle for the love of money instead of the love of God.”
Q: What is your view of worship?
A: One of my elders taught me this, “Worship is a conscious act of total surrender to infinite love and grace.” If someone is looking for a performance based music program, you won’t find it here. The Word is our focal point and the response to the Word is the responsibility of the hearer. It’s what you bring to the table – the condition of your heart. Worship is the process by which change in a life is manifested over time.
Q: How would you describe or define your ministry at Cedar Creek Bible Church or what gets you most excited
A: Our church mission statement is "Making a Difference by Making Disciples." Our church is kid and family focused. We minister to approximately 125 families. Our community is a rather eclectic community representing a diverse range of people in the Lake area - a melting pot so to speak. Our church is known as the church with the skating rink. During certain times of the year we convert our gym into a skating rink and open it to the community and we average 50-75 kids on Friday evenings. After 31 years of serving here I get most excited by looking at changed lives over a long period of time. IT's a thrill to see God's grace played out.
Q: What do you love most about pastoring at Cedar Creek Bible Church?

A: The opportunity to teach God’s Word. Every week I receive the joy of discovering where I am in the text and sharing it with the congregation. Then I am privileged to be a shepherd and walk with my people in life.
Q: What do you think about programs in the church?
A: Programs are a necessary evil. They exist because we are the type of people that left to ourselves wouldn’t do what we should do. Programs are like meetings. No one wants them, but life without them is worse. We don’t operate our church with a lot of programs but due to our sinful nature there are just some we must utilize.
Q: What are your hopes and dreams?
A: I’m not a visionary but I have an uncompromising commitment to teach and preach the Word. My hope and dream is to be found faithful and reflecting God’s grace in a real way.
Q: What do people most say about you?

A: I hope they say I am a servant pastor. One lady from our earliest days always introduced me as “This is MY pastor.”
Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I’m definitely pragmatic. Impertinent is my middle name. I’m also an optimistic pessimist. This world and everything about it stinks, but Christ is going to one day redeem all of creation and in that day He will rule and reign – and what He brings to pass will be far better than anything this world has been able to produce.
Q: What is God doing in your life right now?
A: Constantly reminding me of a need to trust Him, yield control to Him and the foolishness of exercising my own plan. Realizing continually that it's ALL about Him and nothing about me. 
Q: How does your family play a role in your ministry?
A:Shari has been my rock. She’s made the most sacrifices in ministry especially early on. She has enabled ministry to be a priority. The family is active in the community daily. We’re not perfect but being in the community allows us to show a testimony of a real and growing relationship with Jesus.
Q: If you could change one thing about yourself what is it?

A: Weight and health issues. Slow down and smell the roses and just enjoy the process as much as the product.
Q: What hobbies or interests do you have?
A: Hmmm, twins bumped us out of pursuing interests and hobbies. I can definitely see trying to jump back into a few earlier interests like refinishing furniture, a little bit of travel or a few other things but right now, it’s band and football.
Q: So that must mean you’re a sports fan?
A: Some would say that. Everyone knows I'm a HUGE supporter of any team in New England like the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Red Sox and New England Patriots.
Q: What other people have shaped & influenced your faith and ministry?
A: My Parents – they were an example of consistency; My brother George – He has a consistent walk; Mr. Larramore – He was a godly mentor through college and an example of doing the hard things and challenging me to think outside the box; Ken Gangel – challenged me to be more irenic (to be less argumentative and attacking); EF Robbins – my childhood pastor who exemplified faithfulness; Harris Steurmer – also exemplified faithfulness to ministry for more than 30 years in one church; Neil Ashcraft – He modeled a servant pastoral approach to ministry; and, my Elders.