Evangelism Conference


Chris Toriz, our missionary with e3 Partners, will be hostingGospel Conversations Training at our church on Saturday, November 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GCT will give you the tools you’ve been looking for to help you share your faith in Jesus Christ in every day conversations.

Chris Toriz is going to Egypt in October 15 2021, with e3 Partners Ministry for one week. It will be a medical clinic in 2 cities. Chris will do reading glasses at the clinic, and council with people with the gospel.

In November he will go to Michoacán, Mexico and do door to door evangelism. Steve Hall will be going with Chris. Even though Chris can get by in Spanish, he will still need a translator to present the gospel. 

There are hundreds of e3 trips around the world each year, go to e3partners.org to check them out.

Chris plans to do 3 trips next year, 2 to Mexico and one to either Egypt or Cuba (if it opens up), perhaps you would care to join him or go to on one of the many other trips that e3 Partners organizes.